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Who is She?

Originally from Alabama, I am a Milwaukee-based actress and graduate of Marquette University with a BA in Theatre Arts and Digital Media. 

I am an actor who embraces the power of comedy. With every project I do, I bring my bubbly spirit and comedic timing. Though I have a knack for making audiences laugh, I believe there is much more to theatre than pure entertainment. 

I am an advocate for classical and social justice theatre. I feel it is important to practice art of the past in order to create dynamic new works. As Director of Education with Summit Players Theatre, I work to educate people of all ages on Shakespeare in order to help them better understand his use of language and appreciate the impact his work has had on theatre of today. As an actress, I partake in productive talk-backs for social justice shows to educate audiences on important issues in our world today and brainstorm ways to solve them.

I firmly believe that theatre can change the world. I have been in shows that have made people laugh, cry, and be moved to take action in their communities. My mission in life is to be part of theatrical experiences that make the world a better place through classical pieces that mirror our current society, riveting social justice plays that educate and empower, and hilarious comedies that allow us to sit back and laugh, reminding us of community and togetherness.

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